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Blonde Wasn’t Built In A Day

Everyone goes through a phase where they are positive and feeling hopeful that they can go blonde at their next hair appointment.

While we all love an optimistic client, it’s very important that we stay realistic.

Im going to show you different stages of blonde starting from the darkest to the lighter shades.

Keep in mind that your hair history is extremely important. If you have been using dark colours on your hair, then it will make it harder to lighten.

Think of a wall in your house that you want to paint. If you have a dark colour on your wall and try to paint it white, you are going to need MANY coats to cover that colour. It’s not going to look how you want in between each coat because you haven’t achieved your desired colour yet. However with each coat your wall gets lighter and lighter, just like your hair.

While these colours are on different clients, the result you receive while transitioning from a dark brown to blonde, usually are quite similar.

Its important to do it slowly otherwise damage will occur to the hair and can be expensive to fix.

Please keep in mind the products your stylist recommends to you too. We can only do so much for your hair when you are in the salon. The rest is up to you and how you care for your locks at home.

Your stylist will let you know the best product to use based on your hair concerns.

We also have our online store which has all the information you need on our products too!

Hope you enjoyed this blog and learnt some information on how to go blonde without drying your hair out.

Renee xx

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