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Tape Hair Extensions

Ever wanted long luscious hair but are too impatient to grow it ??? We have all been there before.... This is when hair extensions take ACTION!

Hair extensions are the perfect way to to achieve that dream repunzle hair, there are so many different types to choose from weather you are looking for a semi permanent option, permanent option or contrasting tones throughout the hair. These hair extensions can create stunning natural depth or highlights throughout your hair.

On my client here I show you the before and after of the Showpony Tape Extensions. As you can see I have used an alternation of colour shades to match the clients hair and to make it look flawless in tone (this also helps if you have a combination of toned foils or a balayage, ombre or shadow root look). I have also added some layering through out the hair so it blends in with her natural hair movement.


Can I colour my natural hair on the same day as having Tape Hair Extensions applied?

We do not recommend colouring your hair on the same day that you are having hair extensions applied. You will need to allow at least 72hrs between colour and hair extensions application. Colouring your natural hair on the same day as hair extension application can result in the hair extensions slipping out of your hair.

What Shampoo and Conditioner do you recommend using?

Maintenance Shampoo and Strength & Shine Conditioner has been specifically formulated to not affect the adhesive of our tapes. We also guarantee the tape for slippage for 6 weeks if you use the recommended Showpony range.

Can you use Keratin or protein on the extensions?

We do not recommend the use of Keratin products either before application or on Showpony Hair Extensions, as either can cause slippage of the tape, or cause brittleness in the hair itself. Keratin can also create a build-up on the hair shaft, inhibiting the adhesion of the tape to the natural hair.

How often do you need to move up the extensions?

Tape Hair Extensions are designed to be removed and reinstalled every 4-6 weeks. Although the bond may last longer, this is what we have found to be the safest refitting interval to maintain the health of the natural hair your extension is attached to.

Jasmine Curtale xx

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