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Silk Scrunchies & Pillowcases

Aside from looking shiny and modern, the silk scrunchies also protects the hair. It cuts down on friction and tension that's associated with traditional elastic hair ties since it has a natural slippery feel. As a result, these scrunchies are gentle to use on dry, damaged, and weak hair to reduce breakage.

Because they're the best in every conceivable way. They can take a bad hair day and instantly turn it into a cute hair day. Shockingly, the scrunchie is often scoffed at for being childish or outdated. They don't rip out your hair like hair ties can, and they're way less likely to cause breakage.

With scrunchies, the fabric provides an extra layer of padding between your strands and the elastic band. Plus, they have weaker tension, so they're less likely to damage your hair when you let it loose.

Styling with your scrunchie:

-A scrunchie can be used at the end of a long braid in place of a hair tie. -Hold up a bun with a thick scrunchie. -Tie a loose, low ponytail with a scrunchie. -Try a high ponytail.

-Do a half up style ponytail

Sleeping on luxury silk pillowcases will help keep that bed head under control. The natural properties of silk, including its smooth surface, can help reduce friction on your hair which often causes damage, like spilt ends. For your hair, it truly does pay to sleep on a silk pillowcase. They're easy to care for. There are lots of claims about silk pillowcases, some of which are: Silk is more gentle on your hair than cotton. Less breakage while you are sleeping, and will keep your blowout fresh much longer. Cotton takes moisture out of your hair and face, silk doesn't. Friction can disrupt the cuticle layer of the hair, which causes bed head and frizzy hair.

Hope this fixes some of your hair concerns ladies.

Renee x

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