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Natural Hair Remedies & DIY

How are we in February already? I remember planning Christmas as if it was just yesterday.

I hope you guys loved last months blog and found it helpful.

There are so many tips for maintaining perfect locks and I want to help you each step of the way.

I wanted to go over essential oils for your hair, because lets not deny that essential oils are all the craze at the moment so why not use them where it matters most.

Essential Oils for Hair

Did you know Keune have their own So Pure Essential oils for your hair? Buy online at or in store at Escarla Hair Face Body.

How to use Keune Essential Oils Apply a few drops to any product to enhance the aromatherapy. Suitable for daily use. Can be used with any Keune conditioner, treatment or styling product.

Or mix 2-3 drops of your desired oil (what you have at home) + 2 tablespoons of your favourite treatment mask from the Keune range. Here is some tips on what essential oils to mix in with your treatment at home to fix these certain hair types below:

Dry Hair- chamomile, cedarwood, lavender & rosemary

Oily Hair- peppermint, rosemary, cypress & lemon

Hair Growth- peppermint, cedarwood, rosemary, lavender, thyme

Hair Loss- frankincense, rosemary, lavender, cypress

RECOVER ESSENTIAL OIL A rich blend of essential oils including organic Ylang Ylang, organic Palmarosa and organic Argan oil. The hydrating and moisturizing effects of Avocado oil conditions and strengthens the damaged hair. Coconut Oil and Quinoa proteins aid in repairing the hair. The certified organic Argan oil provides Vitamin A and E and strenghten hair and scalp.

ENERGIZING ESSENTIAL OIL A rich blend of essential oils, including Ginger and Lemon, enhances the rejuvenating aromatherapy experience. The zesty notes of Ginger and Lemon provide rejuvenating aromatherapy for an uplifting experience.

COOLING ESSENTIAL OIL A rich blend of essential oils, including Mint and Rosemary, to enhance the refreshing aromatherapy experience. Mint and Rosemary essential oils provide a sweet, cooling aromatherapy to refresh the hair and soul.

EXFOLIATING ESSENTIAL OIL A rich blend of essential oils, including Tea Tree and Lavender, to enhance the cleansing aromatherapy experience. The Tea Tree and Lavender essential oils provide calming, wholesome aromatherapy.

MOISTURIZING ESSENTIAL OIL A rich blend of essential oils, including Ylang Ylang and Palmarosa, to enhance the rich aromatherapy experience. The Ylang Ylang and Palmarosa aromatherapy has a soft, sweet scent with a sensual aroma.

CALMING ESSENTIAL OIL A rich blend of essential oils, including Chamomile and Lavender, to enhance the relaxing aromatherapy experience. Lavender and Chamomile essential oils provide a calming, relaxing aromatherapy with a slight sweet note in the fragrance.

DYI Hair Perfume

Ever wanted to give your hair and added hit of fragrance? I bet so many of you spray your hair with body perfume. Let me tell you, this has to stop! Why? Well your favourite perfume contains so much alcohol and is very dry and damaging. It also contains chemicals that can be harmful, so a natural handmade product is the best option if chemicals are something you are trying to avoid.

What you will need

· essential oils (choose any from above depending on hair concerns or simply one you love the scent)

· Aloe vera gel (this will add conditioning benefits to your hair)

· Distilled water


· 45 drops of essential oil

· 2 tsp of aloe vera gel

· 100mls of distilled water

Transfer to a dark glass spray bottle and keep in a cool dark place. Shake before use and spray onto the lengths of hair as desired.

Be sure to tag us on Instagram so I can see all the amazing hair masks and perfume creations you make. I love seeing your creativity @escarlahairfacebody.

Is it your birthday this month? Let us know when you are finalising your service and receive $5 off your colour service. T&C’s apply.

Hope to see you in the salon soon.

Renee xx

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