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Thick VS Fine Hair

Thick VS Fine Hair

Well, we all have the problem that our hair is either too thick or too fine. For those who have been blessed by the hair gods and have no idea what its like to be a part of these unfair categories, well you need to thank both your parents because I curse my mum daily for giving me this thick lob of hair. Mind you many of you are reading this right now and thinking “ahhhh I’d kill for thick hair!”

Sorry my bad!!

So to give two sides to the story, because lets face it-there is always two sides, I wanted to go over the problems both thin and thick hair experience.

I also want to go over some tips to help you manage your hair and things to avoid.

Fine Hair


· You have to redo your ponytail constantly

· Using conditioner regularly makes your hair oily

· Scalp sunburn is a real thing

· Your hair products have real adjectives such as “body” and “volume”

· Your hair never seems to grow fast

· After hours of curling your hair, its flat again one hour later


· Go for shorter hair styles at your next cut to gain volume

· Use salt spray before blow drying. We stock Keune Blend Sea Salt Spray available in store

· Blowdry your hair upside down to create more volume at the roots

· Dry shampoo is your best friend. Try Keune Blend refreshing Spray

Things to Avoid

· Using too much product as it weighs your hair down

· Cutting your hair with too many layers

· Flat ironing the ends of your hair

· Using conditioner on your roots. Only apply to the ponytail part of you hair

Thick Hair


· You always need to buy more shampoo and conditioner

· Hair pins, small elastics and plastic brushes are too weak

· It takes days for you to naturally dry your hair

· The workout your arms get while blow drying is impressive to any gym junkie

· It costs more to get your hair done at the salon because your hair needs more product and takes longer

· You leave a trail of hair everywhere


· Long layers add movement to your hair

· Try longer hair styles to reduce volume around your scalp

· Buy extra-hold clips and thick elastics

· Try ombre hair with light ends, this look can appear to the eye less thicker

· Invest in a salon quality brush. We currently have Keune styling brushes available in the salon while stock lasts.

· Texturising or thinning your hair at your next salon visit

Things to avoid

· Washing your hair everyday as your natural oils will condition it

· Running your hands through your hair,

· Using a bristle brush when hair is wet

· Over texturising or thinning your hair (your hairdresser will gradually thin to avoid over thinning)

For more tips and tricks ask your stylist at Escarla and get a consult on how to maintain your locks outside the salon.

See you soon

Renee xx

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