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With Scalp Soothing Complex Technology; Intensely softening, Immediately soothing. 

Specifically created for those with a sensitive scalp, Care Derma Sensitive Shampoo & Lotion actively works to combat redness and irritation. Derma Sensitive calms dry scalp, alleviates itching while simultaneously softening the hair and adding a beautiful, healthy shiny result. 

  • Scalp-soothing Complex Technology with a gentle formula that is easy to work through the hair 
  • Dermatologically proven, offering real results
  • Specifically designed to preserve the scalps' natural pH level (pH 5)
  • Sulfate & Paraben Free 
  • Essential Mineral Complex; using 5 essential minerals Zinc, Copper, Silicium , iron & Magnesium, which help nourish the
    scalp to promote healthy, beautiful hair
  • A low-allergen fragrance, creating a sense of calm, purity & freshness 

Derma Sensitive - the first step to a well-nourished, healthy scalp. 

Derma Sensitive Lotion

    Allow 3-7 days for shipping
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